Members Only Content

Las Madrecitas and Las Niñas members work hard to support the Orthopaedic Institute for Children in Los Angeles. Their website needs to work to help them manage member communications, volunteer signups, time tracking, and more. In 2013 the goal at that time was to create a members only website primarily for auxiliary members to access information and news. The members only content include important functionality – the ability to track hours volunteered each year, and to sign up for volunteer events. A few informative public pages were accessible to the public to provide an introduction to the organization.

Public Face

As organizations change and grow so must their online presence change to reflect their current face.

In 2017 we focused on making the public website a better resource for potential members and as a useful tool for membership recruiting, to make tickets available to the public for annual Fashion Show, Evergreen Ball, and other events. Now it is easy for potential members to get to know and join Las Madrecitas and Las Niñas.

The design, inspired by a print brochure developed by Las Madrecitas, was developed in our studio from a concept provided by LM President Jennifer Robbins.

Check out the website: