Simply Functional Online Registration.

Gone are the days of parents standing in line to register kids for Summer School and Camp.
No more shuffling registrations cards for staff.

With WordPress and WooCommerce registering is easy for parents and students. Managing registration is easy for administration and staff.

Staggered registration priorities are managed with password protection so school families get priority opportunity to register.

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Linking base summer school fee with courses simplifies registration.

Linked courses simplify registration for administrators.

Last year we had a problem with parents not adding the Summer School base fee to the registration. This caused some problems for administrators requiring manual edits and updates to those records. We solved the problem this year by linking the base Summer School fee to Session 1 class choices so that every registration includes the fee.

Check out is enhanced.

With easy to complete additional fields providing all the info required by administrators, check out is smooth and easy. An easy to read Terms and Conditions is added to the form.

Once checkout is completed, parents are sent emails with a copy of the registration order, and customized with reminders.

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Customized payment form with added fields puts all the necessary information at administrators fingertips.