Palos Verdes High School’s website is continually changing banner slideshow and scrolling news ticker on developed by Patricia Gill

In August 2014 I launched an updated website on WordPress using Kopa’s Open Times theme. After more than a year and a half the site is still vibrant and dynamic, with continual additions to functionality and presentation. Additions to the homepage slider include a banner area above the slider for special promotions, and most recently, a scrolling news ticker highlighting NCAA Day students.

Social media feeds including Instagram and Twitter, daily weather updates, claendars, and more keep students, parents, and staff in the know on

PV Sea King Football website developed by Patricia Gill

I recently updated the website for Palos Verdes High School’s Sea King Football team. The homepage design is based on a sketch from one of the coaches. It presents all the news players and parents need about upcoming events, and photos and news feed from Facebook, Google calendar, and blog posts.

Because information for the website is funneled through annually changing parent volunteers the previous layout was not working to keep the site vibrant and current. Adding a feed from Facebook, and a Google calendar keep fresh content front and center.

The responsive website, and infinite variations in layout are due to the WordPress theme developers at Elegant Themes. Their Divi theme allows almost any layout design to become a reality.

Ayur-Medic Skin Care Products | E-Commerce

Ayur-Medic Skin Care Products | E-Commerce -ecommerce, WOrdPress WooCommerce website developed by Patricia Gill

This website was hacked while under development and the original developers abandoned the project.

MJ O’Brien Design gave the this ecommerce website a calm and welcoming new appearance, and Patricia made it functional again using Canvas/Fashionable, a WooCommerce compatible WordPress theme from WooThemes.

Of course, the first order of business was to install security software to make the site hack-proof. And then backup software was installed with regular backups scheduled to allow the site to be restored in the event of future calamity.

The site showcases Ayur-Medic’s line of skin care products and offers them for sale to retail customers as well as to industry professionals such as day spas and cosmetologists who have access to wholesale prices. Additional content is offered to professionals who must login to access it.

The resulting site is attractive and easy to use. And backed up daily!

Yes! We do Landing Pages!

Yes! We do Landing Pages!

Cutting Edge Bank Card Services landing page for Blue Letter BibleLarge or small, we create the web pages you need.

Not all web development projects involve dozens of pages, lots of customization, and multi-media effects. Sometimes the project is very, very simple and completed with in a few hours. A recent landing page project for Cutting Edge Bank Card Services was just such a project – a landing page with a contact request form. Check it out here.

We used Mantra, an easily customized theme WordPress from Cryout Creations. We will be able to add additional landing pages for Cutting Edge, and customize each one with an individual layout and design.

Harry’s Moving | Local Business

Harry’s Moving | Local Business

Harry’s Moving moves to WordPress

Harry's Moving local business website developed in WordPress by Patricia Gill saidthespider.netThe need to keep up with changes in the way users access the Internet (mobile devices and tablets), requiring responsive website design, moved Jerry Cohen of Harry’s Moving in Torrance, California to choose the WordPress platform for his moving company’s website Jerry needs to keep his Los Angeles area local moving service easy to find, Google’s decision to show only mobile-friendly sites on mobile search results was the main impetus for the change.

The existing HTML website was a few years old and needed  a little updating so the timing was perfect. Mantra, WordPress theme from Cryout Creations eased the transition and allowed us to keep the clean design and straightforward navigation of the current site.

Although WordPress began life as a blogging platform, it is now widely used for websites that do not feature a blog. As of January 2015 WordPress was used for more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites. The choice of a theme provides the basic structure and functionality of the site. The addition of “plug-ins” add to appearance and functionality, including security and automatic backups for the site.

Get out your mobile phone and check out the new and improved website for Harry’s & McCoy’s Moving at Then contact Jerry to move all the stuff in your garage to storage.


Citivest Commercial LLC | Investments Real Estate

Citivest Commercial LLC | Investments Real Estate

Citivest Commercial LLC WordPress website designed by MJ Obrien Desgn, developed by Patricia Gill -

Platform: WordPress website with customized Tempera theme (Cryout Creations)
Fully responsive: Easy to read and navigate on a wide range of devices
Home: Image slider
Footer: Quick contact information
Navigation: Multi-level menu on all pages, custom menus on section pages
Added Functionality:

  • Image galleries showcase properties, lightboxes popup to allow user to click easily through larger photos.

Information Brochure

Some years ago I developed a website for Citivest Commercial from a design by Mary Jane O’Brien. Coded in HTML with some javascript functionality, the site was attractive and functional as an informational piece for the company. Needing to update information about a number of investment properties, Citivest Commercial wanted keep up with changes in web technology (read “responsive coding”) and current design trends.

For the updated site, Mary Jane developed a fresh, contemporary design, and I customized a WordPress theme to produce the desired appearance, and obtained the needed responsiveness in the process. Functionality was added with photo galleries, lightboxes, custom menus, and a News blog.

The flat design is clean and professional, the information is concise, the photos informative – a perfect information showcase.

Checkout the Citivest Commercial’s new, responsive, WordPress site at It will look great on your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.