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Root Rebound Reflection

Root Rebound Reflection

Yvette Hamaya and Stacie Reeve are yoga instructors in Southern California. They are hosting a yoga retreat in near San Luis Obispo in September. I developed this WordPress website to provide information about the Retreat, and the surrounding area, and booking for the retreat. Using WooCommerce allows attendees to register and pay a deposit to hold their place at the Retreat. They will be invoiced for the balance before the event. Easy breezy!

booking website for -

booking website for - developed by


The joy of the season

The joy of the season

Light some candles.

The joy of the season - candle light

Enjoy the glow of the holidays. May the joy of the season illuminate your life throughout the new year.

Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah.
Happy New Year.

What’s Up with WordPress websites and more?

What’s Up with WordPress websites and more?

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any new projects. It must seem I have been at the pool all summer. Not exactly… but not entirely untrue.

So what have I really been doing this summer and autumn? Mostly WordPress websites.

  1. Installed a new theme for an existing WordPress website, restructured existing posts to be more readable online, added search engine optimization (SEO), created a social media marketing (SMM) plan for, An interactive forum about how God is working in our lives to bring about love, hope, change and transformation. Doug has an important message to share.
  2. Developed product specific pages and a WooCommerce Shopping cart with products, photos, and more for WaterMag. It gets the water out of hydraulic systems a new product from FilterMag.
  3. Created Fall web slider and LookBook from MJ OBrien Design’s work, and added Fall Photoshoot to YouTube and website for JudyP Apparel –
  4. Continued work moving an existing HTML site to WordPress website, setup subscription and membership functionality on WooCommerce, and finally went live today!
  5. Developed new WordPress site designed by MJ OBrien Design. Robin Kalota provides strategies and solutions to reach both lifestyle and wealth transfer objectives for clients with significant art collections.
  6. Updated with Divi, a WordPress theme from Elegant Themes. Very customizable.
  7. Setup a landing page for donations for Cutting Edge, a payment processor. Just a simple page where donors can make online contributions.
  8. became, a part of a district-wide move to Edlio, a provider of websites to schools. I was sad to see go offline in the format I had so painstakingly developed over seven years. I have stayed on to keep the site content updated, requiring me to learn the Edlio back-end. I am also adding content to Constant Contact weekly email updates sent to students and parents. Continual changes, and always something new to learn. Fun.
  9. Continued the development of a website for Temecula Town Center with a very cool map and directory function. Designed by MJ OBrien Design. This is now live at
  10. Developed a new WordPress website for Las Madrecitas – Las Ninas using Elegant Themes Divi. There are three parts to the site – public pages, members only pages, and a customized interface with TrackItForward for members to track their service hours, and volunteer for community service events. Also added WooCommerce for resale of ball gowns. Member subscribers receive emailed notices of News posted to the website. You can’t see most of this unless you are a member. I’ll do a post soon on the functionality of this site and show you screenshots.
  11. Laid out a wireframe for a new WordPress website for Faith Radio Uganda. This is now live!
  12. So what’s left? A website for a real estate developer is still pending, an events and entertainment company website just went live. Designed by MJ OBrien Design there are lots of great videos and audios to sample. I’ll do a post on this one soon as well.
  13. More WordPress websites! Just starting a new site for a client of Sinning Communications, a public relations firm which provides services to technical industries. And revamping Foothill HS Counseling’s WordPress website using a new theme and more news driven homepage layout.
  14. And all through the warm and sometimes very hot summer days I continued to monitor more than 45 websites, backing up files and databases, monitoring security to prevent hackers from hijacking websites, updating software; and adding and updating content as needed – new products, customers, blog posts, videos, social media, and lots more.

It was hot here in Southern California less than a month ago. My almost daily gifts of roses next to the coffee maker are becoming less frequent. Now Thanksgiving has come and gone. Christmas, Hanukkah, and 2017 are just days away. It’s cool outside now so I’m not tempted to get cool in the pool. Guess I’ll keep my nose to the grindstone until it warms up again.

Industrial and Consumer Products Online Store

Industrial and Consumer Products Online Store

online store WordPress product landing page for industrial product - Whether your products are meant for industrial use or the everyday consumer, they can be offered for sale in an online store on your website. WaterMag is a new product from FilterMag, an Arizona company selling oil filters for use in machinery used in mining, oil and gas, manufacturing and power generation industries. Their latest product is WaterMag, a molecular water absorber which will get the water out of hydraulic systems.

When FilterMag was preparing to launch WaterMag, they asked us to add pages and products to their existing WordPress website. From product photos to product pages, we produced professional results. WaterMag filters and carriers can be purchased individually or in kits on the website.

Redirecting the URL to the product landing page on the allowed FilterMag to add this content without developing a separate website, and keeping the company family of products together online. Website users can arrive at WaterMag products directly from and from the Industrial Products men on

online store WordPress WooCommerce shop individual product page for industrial product - saidthespider.netThe individual product pages provide multiple views of each product and kit so purchasers have a clear view of exactly what they are purchasing.  Clicking on any image pops up a box allowing users to click through larger versions of all images.

Professional and clear product descriptions provide use information and product specifications.

Check out WaterMag and see if you can use it in your vehicle. To explore adding a store or shop to your existing website, contact us!

More Lookbooks!

More Lookbooks!

My Saint My Hero’s latest Lookbook showcases their Winter collection of inspirational jewelry on their WordPress website. Each popup box features a beautiful photo of the jewelry worn by a model. Descriptive text describes each jewelry product featured in the photo, and links to the product page on the website, making it easy to complete the purchase.

There are other ways to deliver Lookbooks for your website – flipbooks, sliders, photo galleries present products in easy to browse formats for e-commerce websites.

Screenshot of Elegant Themes Divi moduleBeautiful photographs and graphics are the starting point for any lookbook. The lookbook layout will help to deliver a message about your products. From luxe to economical, your company style is conveyed by the style of photography and website presentation.

Photo galleries can be styled in many ways from the straightforward grid of same-sized images, to a collage-style layout like this “open-collage” from Elegant Themes.

WordPress and Divi theme from Elegant These makes it possible to create visually appealing layouts to highlight your products in a Lookbook.

How can you present your products in lookbook on your website? Contact us to talk about photography, graphic design, and website development.

You don’t need an existing website, we will develop your website from the bottom up.


Do you need help customizing your WordPress website?

Do you need help customizing your WordPress website?

You may enjoy creating a WordPress website on your own, but you don’t have the background to customize the theme to suit your exact desires. We can help with customizing your WordPress website!

Caoch Lisa Walker WOrdPress website updates by Patricia Gill - saidthespider.netLisa Walker, a Business Coach in Orange County, California, did a great job creating a website using a WordPress theme she liked…except for the colors. She wanted the blue areas to be brown, and the brown areas to be blue, only a little more blue. I added some custom CSS code, and like magic, the colors were reversed, and the blue – bluer.

Sometimes WordPress theme interfaces are a bit difficult to fathom, so I provided Lisa with a step-by-step tutorial on how to update the text in certain areas of the site.

Don’t be reluctant to ask for a little help; call 424-263-4642 or email