Patricia Gill HTMLCSS WordPresswebsite developer saidthespider.netI am Patricia Gill, a web developer and entrepreneur. I have been building websites since 2000. I am located in Southern California. My clients are all across the United States.

Every web development project presents an exciting new challenge.

I love to make things look good. I like to solve problems. Building websites, making them look good and easy to use makes me tick. Adding functionality and tweaking designs gives me a kick.

As a long-time business person, and through many years of community non-profit volunteering, I have experienced first hand the problems, priorities, and goals of business owners, and non-profit organizations. Most of us are primarily interested in our bottom line: how to grow our business and how money we will take home, or give away to our cause, at the end of the day, week, month.

I spend most of my waking hours developing websites, or reading about, learning, and testing new technologies and trends for developing websites. Nothing stays the same for long. Technology changes, design trends change, marketing channels change.

My goal with every project is to produce a result that is functional and effective, attractive and easy to use, and still brings the most money to your bottom line.

Together with a group of experienced professionals I develop websites and online marketing media that appeal to users, download quickly, are responsive and look great on a wide variety of devices, are search engine ready, and dollar-wise. With my team, I will develop your project to fit your design vision, marketing needs and budget.

A team of talented and creative American graphic artists, photographers, writers, and programmers will take you from web site to web presence; sharing your message and bringing you sales, leads, donors and more.

Let’s talk about your website, blog, and e-marketing, and create a plan to develop your web presence to further your organization’s goals. Contact Patricia today by email or phone 424-263-4642.