Palos Verdes High School’s website is continually changing banner slideshow and scrolling news ticker on developed by Patricia Gill

In August 2014 I launched an updated website on WordPress using Kopa’s Open Times theme. After more than a year and a half the site is still vibrant and dynamic, with continual additions to functionality and presentation. Additions to the homepage slider include a banner area above the slider for special promotions, and most recently, a scrolling news ticker highlighting NCAA Day students.

Social media feeds including Instagram and Twitter, daily weather updates, claendars, and more keep students, parents, and staff in the know on

PV Sea King Football website developed by Patricia Gill

I recently updated the website for Palos Verdes High School’s Sea King Football team. The homepage design is based on a sketch from one of the coaches. It presents all the news players and parents need about upcoming events, and photos and news feed from Facebook, Google calendar, and blog posts.

Because information for the website is funneled through annually changing parent volunteers the previous layout was not working to keep the site vibrant and current. Adding a feed from Facebook, and a Google calendar keep fresh content front and center.

The responsive website, and infinite variations in layout are due to the WordPress theme developers at Elegant Themes. Their Divi theme allows almost any layout design to become a reality.


Popup Lookbook on ecommerce site - developed by saidthespider.netLookbooks are a great way to showcase your products in settings that viewers will enjoy and will show potential customers how to style looks for their own use. I recently completed two Lookbooks for My Saint My Hero showcasing their inspirational jewelry modeled and displayed in gorgeous photographs that will make every viewer want a stack of Blessing Bracelets, or layers of inspiring necklaces. And to make it easy for customers to get what they want each product is described and linked to for purchase. Check out their Spring 2016 Lookbook here.

Slider Lookbook on ecommerce site - developed by saidthespider.netLookbooks can be created in various ways, from a clickable slideshow style (see to the popup style used by My Saint My Hero, or using clickable image maps so user can click on the item in the photo and see more information or link directly to the product page.

Enhancing your viewers experience on your website is a great way to encourage sales and to keep them coming back for more ideas. Keep in mind you will need excellent quality images which we will adjust for fast viewing. There’s not much point in a Lookbook that takes so long to load your viewers have wandered off.

Think a Lookbook might increase your sales? Contact us!

What is really the most popular web browser?

Everyone seems to have a favorite browser, and will often tell you “It’s the best.” But what is the best for one user may not be so for another. So much depends on the device being used, the type of Internet connection, and most importantly, personal preferences. Chrome is my primary browser. I work on a PC laptop with a Wi-Fi conection. I like the way it offers a drop-down list of sites recently visited when I begin typing in a URL. I like the way it remembers my passwords. I like Chrome’s developer tools and the way it allows me to look at page code, and prefer it to Firefox which is often recommended for it’s developer tools.

I made the switch to Chrome a few years ago after encountering too many issues with Internet Explorer. Because I am on the Internet all day long, and have a half dozen processes going on at the same time I need to move quickly from tab to tab and refresh the page to verify updates. I tried Firefox but found it refuses to refresh page content even after several requests. So Chrome is the browser I use most. Because I need to check the appearance of each website and page I am working on in various browsers to ensure the page looks good and works well, I use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer, as well as a text browser on my PC. On my Android phone I use Chrome, and Safari on iPad, and Silk on my Kindle.

So for people who don’t spend most of their waking hours on the Internet, what is really the most popular browser? According to the US federal government’s Digital Analytics Program (DAP), which provides a running count of the last 90 days of government web site visits, the most popular web browser is Google Chrome with 43.1 percent of 2.05 billion visitors. The numbers provided are hard data, not adjusted or otherwise manipulated.

So why is this important to you? Presumably if you are reading this you have a website or are exploring getting a website. You need to know how people are accessing the Internet in general, and your website in particular so you can be sure your site looks good and works well to the majority of users.

According to the data provided by DAP roughly 60% of website users are on desktop/laptop computes, and 40% on some sort of mobile device – iPhone, iPad, Android phone, etc. About half of the mobile users are on iPhones.

Websites need to be responsive to the device on which they viewed. Active content needs to work or be replaced by a workable alternative. Load times need to be fast. Your website needs to be developed with all of this in mind. Users are willing to wait 2 to 3 seconds for a page to load. Mobile users usually have a slower Internet connection. Your website content needs to show up quickly and be easy to navigate in order to keep users on your site.

Your website needs to keep up. Contact us to update your website software/content so you don’t lose out on viewers.

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