PV Booster Club | Non-profit Goes WordPress

PV Booster Club supports Academics, Arts, and Athletics at Palos Verdes High School - WordPress site developed by Patricia Gill saidthespider.netPlatform: Custom WordPress theme
Fully responsive: Easy to read and navigate on a wide range of devices
Homepage features: Clean layout with introduction video, Calendar listing section
Navigation: Single-level top menu on all pages can be expanded to add pages for annual fundraising event
Multimedia: Photo galleries, video
Added Functionality:

  • Links to membership donation purchase on off-site location
  • Seasonal pages for major fundraising event
  • WooCommerce Shop for tickets, and sponsor donations

A little over a year later I moved the PV Booster Club website to WordPress. Users now have the advantage of the theme’s built-in responsive coding, and the elegance of the WooCommerce shop appearance and functionality. Seasonal pages are easily added and removed from the menu; sidebars also come and go to promote the annual Catch the Wave fundraiser.

Check out the website and the PV Booster Club at www.pvboosterclub.com.