What Will You Gain from Your Website?

Yeah! You’ve taken the first step towards making your online presence a reality. You are thinking about, and discussing the purpose of your site.

Product Sales – Jewelry with a religious theme, hand-made in Bosnia is your specialty. Users will be able to see the beautiful bracelets and necklaces choose styles and colors, and make purchases online. You will need to provide a secure buying environment.

Service Sales – Your music services make a success of weddings, parties, and events of all kinds. Event planners can review the music genres you provide, read rave reviews from former clients, and request your services on specific dates. Will you accept online payments from your website?

Digital Sales – Coaching sales people to success using online video lessons is your main product. Your downloadable e-books are also for sale. You want all payments to go through your website.

Non-profit Support – Financial support is needed to continue the good work of your organization which provides essential human services to the community. Allow users to make contributions online to support the everyday work, and to buy tickets, and pledge in-kind contributions for special fundraising events.

Information – You are a physician specializing in skin diseases, you want to share your knowledge. You have lots of photos and personal experience to relate; and you want to encourage online discussion.

Members-only information – Your club wants a website that provides information to the public about club purpose, goals, and contact information. You also want a members only are for private information. You want members to be able to create/update personal information.

Your goals will probably include more than one of these purposes. You may want religious jewelry buyers to know about the people who make the bracelets by hand. Sharing spiritual experiences is also important to you. As a dermatologist you have developed some skin care products you want to make available for purchase on your blog site. And of course, new patients are always welcome, so a contact form is a good idea. You may find it useful to list your purposes in in order of importance so that your finished site will guide users through the experience you want them to have.

Targeting Your Audience

Who do you want visit your website?

If you have goods for sale you will want buyers of your products to find your site. Tailoring your site to their specific needs will help you attract and hold your desired audience. Do you want retail buyers, or wholesale buyers to see your products? Are your products meant for businesses, or individuals? Products sold online can be bought by consumers worldwide. Are you targeting local, national, or international buyers?

What are the demographics of your audience? What do they want? Here are a few examples to get you started.

Selling Residential Real Estate, Southwest Florida
Real estate professional specializing in helping buyers purchase property in a primarily resort area in the United States. Create a target audience member:

  • Man, or woman
  • Middle to senior in age
  • Financially comfortable – has funds to invest in a second home
  • Any nationality
  • Wants to own a vacation home in a resort atmosphere

Art Gallery Owner, New York
You own an art gallery specializing in Modern and Contemporary art.  Your primary goal is to sell your inventory to all comers.

  • Adult men and women
  • Able to spend $500 – $15000 or more
  • Appreciates Modern, and Contemporary art
  • Individual consumers
  • Gallery owners
  • Interior designers and decorators
  • Local, national, and international buyers are all welcome
  • Wants to own contemporary/modern art by well-known artists

High School Principal, Los Angeles
A highly rated and respected public high school in the Los Angeles area. Your site provides important current and ongoing information to existing students and parents, and seeks to attract new students for enrollment.

  • Current students and parents
  • Parents of teenagers, and pre-teens, teenagers
  • Current local residents, and those considering a move to your area
  • Seeking a quality education
  • Is excelling academically, or in need of special services
  • Wants the best education available in the local area

Skin Care Product Provider, Orange County, CA
Selling a quality line of natural skin care products suitable for anyone, and specifically for those with skin conditions needing special treatment.

  • Any age
  • Female or male
  • Local and national buyers
  • Able to pay for high quality products
  • Appreciates quality ingredients and dermatologist testing
  • Needs skin care products to treat specific skin conditions

Rotary Club, Naples, Florida
Your philanthropic club in Southwest Florida wants to keep members informed about meetings, and events, and provide access to private member contact information. And of course, new members are always welcome, and donations greatly appreciated.

  • Existing club members
  • Adult men and women
  • Southwest Florida residents
  • Seeking information about club activities, membership, and philanthropy

Who is your target audience? What do they need? What pain can you soothe?