Palos Verdes HS | News & Information homepage silder - WordPress website development - saidthespider.netPlatform: WordPress website with customized theme
Fully responsive: Easy to read and navigate on a wide range of devices
Homepage features: image slider, custom News, Events, and Hot Topics posts, QuickMenu, Constant Contact email subscription form
Social media: Social Media: Twitter feed, Instagram feed
Navigation: Top menu on all pages, custom sub-section menus deal easily with large page count
Multimedia: Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and custom blog feeds bring rich content to all areas of the website.
Added Functionality:

  • Booking calendar allows students to book small group tutoring sessions
  • Event registration forms
  • Rotating header banner capability

In 2009 I was called on to redevelop an existing website for Palos Verdes High School. At that time the website had a limited amount of page content, disorganized navigation, and tiny thumbnail sized images. The style and coding was a few years out of date.

Working with school staff, we expanded the scope of information to be contained on the site, worked out a navigation structure, and set out to amass a library of photographs and graphics to make the site more visually appealing. The site was developed HTML/CSS. To keep up with changing standards the coding and design was updated several times in the ensuing years. Additional content brought the live page count up to over 200 pages by the end of the 2013-14 school year.

Five years after the initial site redevelopment, and many, many additional pages and photos more, it was time to make the site responsive, simplify the process of adding news, get control of the ever growing menus, and in general clean up the media libraries. While the basic navigation structure was still serving well, it was necessary to find a way to rein in the nearly 250 pages of static information now contained on the website. I recommended WordPress as the solution. After customizing a responsive, premium WordPress theme, and adding a number of plugins to provide additional functionality and manage section navigation, the revamped site went live in August, 2014.

Using WordPress posts makes it easy to keep the home page News, and Events sections up to date. Static information is served on pages where the content is updated less frequently. From time to time, forms are developed and published for students to register for events.

A booking calendar function was recently added to enable students to book seats in small group tutoring sessions for English, History, Math, and Science.

As with all sites we maintain, files, databases, and content are backed up regularly.

Be inspired by the staff and students, visit Palos Verdes High Schools’ website at