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Recent Developments

  • pvhigh.com banner slideshow and scrolling news ticker on pvhigh.com developed by Patricia Gill saidthespider.net

    Palos Verdes High School’s website is continually changing

    In August 2014 I launched an updated pvhigh.com website on WordPress using Kopa’s Open Times theme. After more than a year and a half the site is still vibrant and dynamic, with continual additions to functionality and presentation. Additions to the homepage slider include a banner area above the slider for special promotions, and most […]

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  • pvseakingfootball.com website developed by Patricia Gill saidthespider.net

    PV Sea King Football

    I recently updated the website for Palos Verdes High School’s Sea King Football team. The homepage design is based on a sketch from one of the coaches. It presents all the news players and parents need about upcoming events, and photos and news feed from Facebook, Google calendar, and blog posts. Because information for the […]

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  • MSMH-Lookbook-screenshot


    Lookbooks are a great way to showcase your products in settings that viewers will enjoy and will show potential customers how to style looks for their own use. I recently¬†completed two Lookbooks for My Saint My Hero showcasing their inspirational jewelry modeled and displayed in gorgeous photographs that will make every viewer want a stack […]

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